Producer Divesh Kumar’s reality show “Suran De Sartaj” is going to start soon

BCR NEWS (Mumbai Bureau): Because of the reality show on the small screen, many singers have a career. Today there are many such big singers in Bollywood who made their debut with a reality show.
To give new and talented singers a new identity and to give them a platform, now a new reality show is going to start, which is named “Suran de Sartaj”. Producer of this Punjabi Singing reality show is Divesh Kumar, presented by Gahlaut Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Directed by Suraj Kumar. Its telecast channel partner will be Chardikla time TV.
Producer Divesh Kumar has introduced this platform for all talented people who want to enter their names in the world of singing. The purpose of this reality show is to give opportunity to new talents.
Producer Divesh Kumar says, “Every genius singer is searching for just one occasion. Today there are different kinds of singing reality shows, but our show” Suran de Sartaj “will be a different kind of show where not only one winner will get a chance but dozens of participants will get a platform. Music videos of many singers will be made and everyone will have the best chance to show their talent. I think that “Suran De Sartaj” will be a great medium for all the emerging singers. “
The show’s director Suraj Kumar says that this show will have a celebrity judge of Punjab.
We can tell yout that producer Divesh Kumar is also a builder, but he believes that he can also build a young man’s career through this show. He is also going to start her own marketing agency. Producer Divesh Kumar of Bijnor, UP, says, “Audition of this show will not be only in punjab but from Delhi to Jammu there will be auditions in 12 different cities from all over india, after which the TV round will start, its auditions will be in April-May. Shooting will begin in June and will be broadcast on channel in July.
Producer Divesh Kumar is also director of Funkar Music India Limited and his intention is to shoot music videos with the show’s good singers so that all talented singers get the chance to show their talent.