Mumbai’s true tales of “Zindagi Mumbai”: Anish Sharon Khan

BCR News (Ajay Shastri/Mumbai):  In Mumbai, millions of people come to realize dreams and take all kinds of steps to fulfill their dream. The story of the same youth who becomes a semale for fulfilling his dream is the story of writer Anish Sharon Khan’s movie Zindagi Mumbai, whose trailer was recently launched.
Zindagi Mumbai
The film  made under the banner of Ap Love Birds Entertainment can easily be judged by what difficulty a common man tries to get to his destination. Directed by Nitin Kumar Giri in this film, there is a promotional song sung in the voice of producer Priyanka Kapila Anthony who talks about the life of Mumbai. Producer Anish Sharon Khan told that to make the film realistic, many real semale actors were given acting training and they have performed quite well.
 The film’s musician Nitesh Tiwari is the same singer of this film, Javed Ali, Shabab Sabri, Arshad Mohammed, Priyanka Kapila Anthony, Nitesh Tiwari and Gumla’s D.O.P. L.M, Editor Rajesh Sah Dance Director Urbhi Seth Dhiru, Visual Effects Partha Bhatt, lyricist Raghavan Verma and Rahul Sharma.
 Zindagi Mumbai, Sonia Sharma, Vanraj Singh, Arham Abbasi, Urmila Sharma, Arun Verma, Rahul Sharma, Anjana Das etc. are in the main role.